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A conversation I was having with a coworker at work today sparked thoughts in me today.

She stated she doesn’t know how I do what I do with Joey.

The answer is unconditional love. Is that the answer I gave her?

No, I’m never prepared.

I always Stumble. I’m not good at speaking when put on the spot.
I’m the person that if asked what’s my name I respond with some ridiculous answer like chocolate chip.

We all search for that perfect someone to tell all of our dark secrets to and know that they won’t leave us just because I sound a little twisted.

When I’m sad he makes me laugh and makes me smile.

When I’m angry he just listens until I’m done venting, he knows I will calm down.

He is the quiet to my storm,

The one person who can create a fire of passion with just a whisper who can send currents through my body with a single touch.

So I want to know how in the heck am I suppose to leave him?

Who is going to compare?

How would me, leaving him and being with anyone else be fair to anyone?

Life wasn’t meant to be easy.

But when you find that one person to walk through life with it makes it all the more sweeter.

Why would I walk away from that???

That’s just crazy talk!


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