VIDEO: How do I survive the holidays while still missing my loved one?

It’s time to start counting down to the Holidays. Yay and boo! Is a time of year thats supposed to be happy but its also tinged with sadness for us pison wives and family members. BUTTTT, with a little action and mindfulness you can make the holidays much better than the anxiety you are anticipating, currently experiencing, or experienced last year. Anxiety is a result of allowing your mind to focus on the fear of the unknown in the future rather than staying present in the moment. We’ll revisit that concept in a few.

First things first, you MUST acknowledge it’s going to be a hard season — WITHOUT judgement or resistance. There’s no point in trying to dip your grief in chocolate. Holidays spent apart from your loved one are going to suck. You have to accept that. When you can give your grief the space it needs then you can treat it with loving awareness and observation. This also serves as a permission slip for us to treat ourselves with loving kindness.

Back in 2014, I created a video called “Surviving The Holidays Without Him.” You can watch it here. I got such a wonderful response to that video that I decided this year we’ll do a sequel. So here are 10 MORE tips to surviving the holidays without your locked up loved one. I suggest watching part one first, then watching part 2. The tips build upon one another and you’ll get the most out of the videos if you watch them in the right order. Once you’re finished watching, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

In Closing

Its easy to get down and feel the loss of your loved one right now. I’m giving you permission to choose happiness. This is the time of year that’s best to celebrate and share our radiant love with family, friends and our little ones. It’s a time when we reach out to those in need. Kindness, love and appreciation are the greatest gifts we can give. So give them generously and watch them return to you in abundance. Lean on your support sisters. Use the affirmations and tips I shared in this video. Eat, drink and be merry. Surround yourself with everything you love. Another holiday is upon us, you’ve been gifted a limited number of them….choose to celebrate it with love. Keep staying strong, keep loving strong and keep supporting one another through this journey, you’re one holiday season closer. At SPWF, we are wishing you all the Hope, Wonder and Joy that the Season can bring!




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