By: Cedric Dean

“I’m On My Way,” Poem By Ceric Dean at FCI Fairton (Clemency Recipient 2017 By: Barack Obama)

I’ve been gone since ’95

For mom and me it’s been a long ride

I went to trial and represented myself

Didn’t feel I could trust anyone else

Crack to powder was 100 to 1

Countless black moms lost their sons

I got sentenced to LIFE PLUS 5

Left for dead and buried alive

In the ’90s it was a different game

The government felt blacks couldn’t be tamed

They said I deserved to die in jail

All because I refused to tell

I never knew how to be a man

Or how to understand…

What it meant to give a hand…

Or live by God’s plan

My LIFE sentence been reduced 3 times

I can finally say I’m NEXT IN LINE

Although it took a lot of trying

I got a date without crying or lying

I had to learn the hard way

Over two decades the price I paid

But it’s been okay

Cause I’m stronger, wiser, and better today



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