Published by: JoJo Matthews

This blog isn’t meant to make you feel better rather inform you.

I have been reading a lot of posts lately here and on Facebook about phone calls and not getting them fast enough or he/she not calling when you want them to call.

In prison, everything is always up in the air. Anything can happen at any given time that can interrupt their routine.

Just because you get a phone call every day for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days at the same exact time doesn’t mean that today it will be exactly the same.

Factors that can affect them not calling us:
– Phones are messed up
– Phones are turned off
– There is a higher than usual number of people wanting to use the phone
– Someone decides to be a jerk and hog the phone
– Sometimes they are on a temporary lockdown we don’t know about

This journey requires a lot of patience just because he/she doesn’t call doesn’t mean they are cheating on us, calling another person or that something bad has happened to them. I am not saying these things aren’t possible what I am saying is don’t jump to the worst conclusions possible.

Ladies have patience, I know what it’s like to not get a call when all you want to do is hear their voice. They have little control over their environment. When they call us they are expecting us to be happy to hear their voices not us being angry because they didn’t call when they were supposed to.

We are entitled to our feelings, anger, sadness or whatever but don’t take it out on them. They have enough crap to go through.


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