Being silly is good for the soul

Published by: JoJo Matthews
One of the the big things I love about Joey is that I’m able to be myself 100% and know he will still love me. We started out as friends so I think that helped a lot I didn’t put on my best face like a lot of us tend to do on a first date. By the time we actually went out on a “date” he already knew the real me.

Visits are always amazing with him, it’s filled with silliness and laughter. That’s the basis of me silliness if I can’t be silly I can’t be comfortable.
So even though it’s hard because we miss them so much and there are lots of details that have to be discussed when it comes to calls and visits don’t forget to be silly too, it’s good for the soul. Laughter keeps the blues at bay.
I know Joey carries those memories with him for the week and that laughter that silliness we share lights his darkest moments.


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