Published by: JoJo Matthews

My blog is inspired by a post on Facebook and it brings up something very important that I think should be discussed.

Everyone’s relationship is different. Some may be similar but once examined close enough you will always find differences.

When loved ones vent on Facebook or the website we should not judge. All we should do is offer comfort or advice or share our own experiences. If we have nothing to contribute to that post then scroll on. No one is going to ban or judge because a comment wasn’t made on a particular post.

Remember many don’t have anyone to talk to. Parents and families have shunned them.

We never want our members to feel they can’t speak freely.

I’ve been doing this for two and half years. I became part of the new site from the minute it was launched. I was part of the the other site as well. I’ve been in other groups on Facebook. I’ve pretty much read everything and often more than once.

Sometimes my thoughts on things aren’t helpful or comforting and I hold back. I’ve learned to do so after so long.

I’ve said plenty of things that have hurt others. It’s all about wording.
Sometimes you have to sugar coat it so when it’s read it doesn’t appear hurtful.

You may think it’s not your problem how words on a screen are read. You may intend it one way and it’s taken another way.

You don’t want to be hurt. You want encouragement and understanding and to know there are others out there going through similar situations.

It’s what we all want. We strive to be uplifting when you are down and encouraging when you are discouraged. We share stories with each other so you know that you aren’t the only person in the whole world going through this.

We hope you connect with others and find that network to support you that understand you.

We are all human and we all make mistakes, no one is perfect.
Who knows that better than us?

So all I’m asking is to be more gentle with each other. If you disagree with something that’s fine. Disagree. But don’t resort to nastiness, being judgmental, or being petty.  

If a post annoys you or makes you feel a certain way, then move on.
This is a hard journey for all of us. I’ve learned a lot about myself and have changed a lot about myself.

I’m hoping that everyone gains something from this journey as sad, lonely and frustrating as it is most of the time. There is always a rainbow after a storm.

Much love to all.


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