I Asked And He Said Yes

Published by: JoJo Matthews

Ro’s’ video about her not being married to Adam and why she won’t while he is on the inside has prompted me to create my own blog. Joey and I are lifers so things are different for us.

If you read and get to know me you will learn that on April 1st 2013 I proposed to Joey at the county jail and he said yes. To satisfy your curiosity no I did not get down on one knee and ask. I was super shy about it for fear of rejection, I was 99.9% positive he would say yes but given circumstances I also had that inkling of a doubt he might say no.

I met Joey in 2011 while at work and we spent hours together because that happens when you work in a restaurant together. While it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, I knew right away from the first conversation we had that he was a good person.

I have the bouts of intuition that Ro spoke of in her video, I have had them my whole life.

(side note and slightly off topic, two good examples of my intuition happened with a dear friend of mine in the last 12 months. She was dating this one guy and for whatever reason, a thought popped into my head I wonder when she will get pregnant. The next day she informed me she was pregnant. Anyway that has come and gone and things didn’t work out and she lost the baby. Now she has a new man and I promise you, the mother of all promises, just on Tuesday I was wondering when the will get married. Today on Facebook there is a picture of their hands and a ring on her finger.)

I don’t control any of my intuition it just happens.

So why did I ask him other than I am crazy, stupid, madly in love with him and nothing has ever felt more right in my whole life? There are a few reasons.

1. Despite his situation and what he was sentenced to life for he deserves to be happy. I will give him whatever I can.

2. I want him to know I am serious when I say I will stand by him. He knows my stance on marriage, I don’t take it lightly. This isn’t about any insecurity we have that stems from some inner turmoil. This is to ease his mind from a very legit insecurity that all inmates go through. A life sentence is very serious as well.

3. I want the damn system to take us seriously. A tiny part of it is a small F&%k you them. You cannot break us. You may knock us down but you will not keep us down so find someone else to pick on. On the logical side of things like Ro said down the road if something were to happen and marriage became a legal necessity. POAs can be challenged if someone thinks that you aren’t acting in the person’s best interest. There are ways to protect against that but still marriage is a lot harder to challenge than a POAs

4. It’s a big F&%k you to anyone that thought he was/is a piece of crap.

5. I want him to know he is worth it, he is a good person and he is worth the time and effort and heartache.

Some may still think I am nuts for asking him to marry me, some may disagree with me marrying him on the inside but this is our situation as of right now.

Even when laws change and if they affect him he wouldn’t be eligible for anything for at least 20-25 years. We are learning to balance reality as it is now and what the future can hold with the laws ever changing and the prison populations consistently rising.

Nothing is impossible, anything can happen to anyone at any time. If it is meant to be it will happen and no bars, walls, fences or guards, wardens or judges will be able to stop it. Man has no control over that kind of thing. All we have control over is how we react to the things that happen in our lives. We have free will to make whatever decisions we want, but in the end, we get where we are supposed to be one way or another.

Just make sure that if marriage is part of your conversations that you are both marrying for the right reasons and that you are both on the same page about it.


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