Lock Up

Published by: JoJo Matthews

I had a totally surreal experience yesterday.

I was watching lock up and the episode was one that was filmed Maricopa county jail.

It was an older episode, actually, two episodes before Joey was locked up.

I was able to see inside the facility he is housed at.

It was a tad too much reality at times as a fight broke out.

Race against race.

The two guys were put in seg.

The “victims” buddies were saying some heinous stuff about the other guy.

I thought, “Oh man, I hope no one has thoughts like that of my man.”

He is pretty easy to get along with as long as you don’t try anything crazy with him.

I saw a guy go through a suicide watch.

They are put in a safe cell that has padded walls.

They are forced to strip down naked the only thing to cover them up, the only other thing in the cell with them is a suicide blanket.

I guess it’s supposed to be next to impossible to strangle themselves with.

He came out ok and went back to his cell.

We learned that he was worried about his fiancĂ©es’ safety.

I even ended up seeing one of the COs on TV that I encountered in the visitation lobby.

It was neat to see where my love lives but at the same time a little too much reality.

The second episode focused more on the women’s jail.

They showed the woman’s chain gang be taken out to help bury the ones that pass and have no family.

It was sad but I was impressed by how smoothly the chain gang worked.

Anyway, I thought I would share that.

In the middle of it, I had an amazing video visit with my love.

Just finished another before signing on here.

Can’t wait until Wednesday when I go to the jail to see him (over another video screen).


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