April 28, 2017

The Words We Use by Ro & Adam

How do you support your loved one? How does he support you? What words do you use? How often do you build each other up and remind him why you love him? This morning, I was commenting on our “Life Class Book Club” lesson and I referred to the email exchange I attached below. I find the message so important that I want to pass it along to our entire crew.

It’s so easy to get lost in negative self talk. But when you have someone building you up and pointing out your accomplishments — no matter how big or small — you feel on top of the world. That’s where self confidence is born.

Words matter. Do you jokingly call your partner, “dumb” or “stupid?” Does he call you “his bitch” or “old lady?” How can you begin to change your words, your “pet names” and your “loving” insults? Any way you roll the dice, an insult is an insult. There’s always truth behind jest; even if it starts off as seemingly harmless sarcasm.

Now, I’m not saying to stop being playful. I’d never tell you to quit teasing him and joking around. That’s what keeps romance alive and makes a relationship fun. What I am suggesting; however, is that you take some time to craft loving communications with him. Communications in which you consciously choose only positive words. Tell him you need them too.  

Adam and I speak to one another like this every, single, passing day. My “love tank” has never been so full. Nor has my trust and confidence ran so deep in any other relationship in my life. Here’s an example.

From: ADAM BENTLEY CLAUSEN on 4/27/2016 7:06:58 AM wrote

Subject: ReEntry Summit

Today’s the Big day and I’m sitting here smiling at the thought of how perfectly everything has worked out for us. It just keeps getting better and better and I’m just SOOOoooo grateful for everything we’ve been given and I can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives, soon. Have a great day Gorgeous! I Love You..A

From: RO CLAUSEN on 4/27/2016 11:21 AM wrote:

Subject: Wearing my proudest smile!

Today is the day, handsome. I am so happy for you. Soooo proud of you and everything you’ve managed to accomplish inside. All the reasons why I’m madly in love with you and in awe of your every move. Everything you touch turns to gold… Well except me…. I could really use that kind of tan!!! Hahahaha. Enjoy your day. Revel in every moment. And keep smiling for me all day long. This is the beginning of the very end. 🙂 I love u like crazy…a little more w each passing day. Always, Ro

From: ADAM BENTLEY CLAUSEN on Apr 27, 2016 4:19 PM

Even Better than NCHEP….

Without YOU, none of today would have been possible. Long ago, you gave me a reason to live above this environment and have supported me every single step of the way, ever since then. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without your enduring love and commitment. YOU truly are amazing and I’m eternally grateful to have you in my life. We are going to have so much FUN writing the next chapters of our life together;)

Today exceeded all expectations. I still haven’t absorbed and processed it all. It was definitely an emotional event/day and I’m still grappling with all those emotions, and trying to figure it all out. Unbelievable. One vision fulfilled…and a couple more ready to come to life. After dinner we’re meeting with the team, and all the coaches/clients for the new program, so the day isn’t actually over yet. I need to grab a quick nap before count so I’m ready to head right back out but whenever I get back in tonight I’m going to call and tell you all about it. AMAZING;) I love you Beautiful and I hope you’re feeling all this love and appreciation I’m sending your way…because you deserve every ounce of it. Always..A


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