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By Nicole Richardson

You can find this poem and more in Nicole’s book Broken Silence: The Thoughts and Struggles of a Prison Wife

They took him away this morning

My – reason for breathing
The heartbeat in my chest
The one thing I believe in
My comfort and my rest
I said, they took him away this morning

Cuffs on the arms that held me tight
Shackles on the legs that tangled in mine
Chaining the arms that curled around me at night
Stealing the one that is mine
They took him away this morning

The air from my lungs
The blood from my veins
The man that I clung to
To keep me sane
They took him away this morning

And the room goes quiet
And my feelings die 
And I sit there silent
I can’t scream or cry
Because they took him away this morning

No saying goodbye
No final embrace
Just meeting his eye
Just watching his face
As they took him away this morning

Seeing his lips 
Form the words
I lose my grip
On the rest of the world
They took him away this morning

The last I love you
As he is free
The words he said
That he Mouthed to me
When they took him away this morning

A monster they claimed
Who only thinks of himself
A danger to society detained
to be thrown into a cell
After they took him away this morning

They brought up the past
That that man escaped
They lied and they lashed
They tried to make him break
Then they took him away this morning

I watch until he is out of sight
I watch him fade from view
How am I going to face the night
Alone in this empty room
Because they took him away this morning

Today I lost my heaven
And I saw the proof of hell
As my reason for living
Was carried to a jail
When They took him away this morning

Somehow I have to move forward
And refocus my world
He asked me to be the parent toward
His precious little girl
Because they took him away this morning

I have to look into those eyes
The ones she got from him
Decide to tell truth or lie
Of when “Daddy” comes home again
Because they took him away this morning

The ring on my hand
That he had just placed
Ties me to the man
They tried to erase
When they took him away this morning

But I will not bow
I will not break
I will find how
To fix their mistake
Of taking him away this morning

I will bring him home
I will make this right
I will bleed for my own
I will fight his fight
After they took him away this morning

This verdict is not set in stone
To be taken lying down
They took my king off of his throne
But now I straighten my crown
Because they took him away this morning

Cause stand by your man isn’t just a song
Not just a pretty little phrase
I know where that man belongs
Until my dying days
And it’s where he was this morning

As I laid there on his chest
And I listened to his heart
In my arms he found his rest
Then they broke it all apart
When they took him away this morning

Hell has no fury
Life has no scorn
No judge or jury
After I have sworn
To take him back this morning

The girl who walked into court has died
Her blood replaced with flame
She might have sobbed she might have cried
But she’ll still take his name
After they took him away this morning

If I have to beg or bleed
I’ll do the things I must
To have the only one I need
Home with me, just trust
I’ll take him away one morning

Because love is thicker than those chains
And stronger than that cell
And once he is in my arms again
There is no way in hell
To take him away again.


8 thoughts on “THEY TOOK HIM AWAY THIS MORNING- Nicole Richardson”

  1. Reannon says:

    This is so beautiful! My husband had to self surrender yesterday in Phoenix, AZ and it was so hard. We are both in recovery for heroine addiction and anyone who has ever been addicted to heroin knows that we all do things we would never do sober when we are sick. Today it is still so fresh that I am angry and heartbroken and sad. As my husband was standing there pleading guilty to 5 counts of burglary the prosecuted was scrolling through her phone on Facebook. Made me want to scream! My husband isn’t a notch on the states belt! His life is important and he has a family! He is not this monster that they are trying to make him. And he has overcome his addiction and is sober today. But none of that is mentioned. He will be sentenced on March 8th, 2019 and his minimum sentence is 3.5 years max is 8.

  2. Nicole Richardson says:

    Hey hun, I am so sorry that you have to understand the meaning of these words, but I am so happy that it touched you. My husband is serving a thirty year sentence. I lost most of the day of his sentencing, but I penned this the night I lost him. I will pray for you and your family. Remember that you are always one step closer.

  3. Erin says:

    This really touched me. My husband had been in prison camp for a month. No one understands and I feel so lonely. Thanks for helping me with this post.

  4. nek says:

    Very very beautiful. I have went through this and still trying to fight. I am
    A wife a mother and my husband is in prison for 6 years 1 down 🙁

  5. Tiffany Harrington says:

    Yesterday April 4,2019 my husband self surrendered in York,Pa. Watching him go into that police station was the worst pain I have ever felt. I have never felt so lonely in my life and I’m scared. He is my partner in life and I feel so empty. This poem was beautiful and explained what I’m feeling so well. I feel like my family and friends can’t possibly understand what I’m going through, but the woman who wrote this she understands without judgement. I needed this tonight. Something mad me pick my lap top up and start to google support groups. Thank you this will allow me to get through tonight.

  6. Kriste Wright says:

    My husband just got out of Tdcj in August after a 2 yr sentence fir his 3rd dwi! He was doing great and On March 1st “ My Birthday “ the police tried pulling him over and he didn’t stop!?!? Now he’s back in jail on a parole violation We are waiting on a court date to find out the damages? I pray daily he ISNT gonna be sent back to prison for yrs… He was just scared when he saw those lights behind him, This poem really hits home for me ❤️

  7. Amy says:

    My husband was taken away on Tuesday. He will be in for at least 8 years your poem resonated with me so much… so much was taken that day. The crying doesn’t stop. Comes at different times. I keep hoping he’s ok.. not getting injured or eating poorly my 15 minute phone calls aren’t enough. Sometimes we can’t even hear… the phones aren’t working. It feels like a bad dream and I’ll wake up in his arms again.

  8. Beverly says:

    This made me cry. My husband is newly arrested, just this year in June. This poem hit me so close to home, with still gaping open wounds. Sentencing has not been determined. Thank you for the poem. It devastatingly beautiful and tragically accurate.

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