Time out

Published by: JoJo Matthews

I’ve been reading a few posts lately from single moms and they’re exhausted mentally and physically.

I myself am a single mom but the difference is my daughter’s dad is not locked up.  I also have just one daughter, I can’t imagine two or more.

Being a single mom is challenging, having multiple kids is challenging and then there are some that, even on top of everything else, have special needs kids. I can’t imagine anything any of you go through.

I read that they juggle this and juggle that and I am truly amazed.
It breaks my heart though to read that they are worried they are letting their men down because they can’t write their men every day.

This isn’t true at all. I’m sure they are super proud of you.

If you are busting your butts holding down the household and you manage to to write once a week they are grateful.

I know it’s all BS in there and mail means everything to them but trust me a good man is gonna be proud and appreciate what you do while he is gone.

I suspect you are all like me and feel guilty anyway so I’m gonna give some helpful little tips so you can send mail every day.

Go to the Dollar Store or 99 Cents Store and pick up some cards. I can get an 8 pack for 1 so I buy a few different designs.

Then when you have a moment to breathe write a few up. Put inspirational quotes in some, bible verses, a quick note that says “Hey thinking of you and I love you”. Find some favorite photos and print out several so you a pop a couple in each card.

Collect magazine articles on his fav hobby, word search and crossword puzzles. Every facility is different so follow the rules.

There are a couple of companies that you can create photo postcards utilize this as well.

There is no need to write a novel of a letter every day.

Trust me when I say a good man understands what you are doing out here and doesn’t have outrageous expectations from you and if he does then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your relationship.

Also ladies you have to find a moment every day to just breathe.

It’s critical to our survival, this whole situation is taxing and then add in the rest of life.

A couple of tips for this would be to take 15 to 30 minutes depending how much you need to do after the kids are asleep.

Take a shower, read a page or two in a book, meditate, listen to music.
Just be still unless working out is your thing for stress relief, then by all means, do that. There are many things you can do for a quick at home work out. Jump rope, work out videos.

The point is you have to take time for YOU. This time need should be separate from writing your loved ones as well.

I know many of you are thinking I have so much to do I can’t possibly take time for myself.  Those tasks can wait.

I cannot stress how crucial time to yourself is!


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