Published by: JoJo Matthews

This all stems from a phone call today in which he wasn’t himself and says a lot of stuff is going on that he can’t discuss. I get that. But why call me if you aren’t going to talk? My life isn’t so interesting that I am able to carry on a 15-minute call alone.

For the first time ever, I am wondering, why I do this? I am the one that writes all the letters. I say more on a 3×5 postcard than he says on a whole sheet of paper. Most phone calls I am the one that talks. I understand he doesn’t have a lot to talk about. I guess, I thought. maybe he would reveal his soul to me. It’s not a question of him loving me or vice versa. But maybe love isn’t enough.

We were friends on the outside but, I guess never the type meant to be in a relationship. Maybe it would have worked if we were because we would enjoy doing things together.

Everyone else talks about how their men are their best friends and soul mate. It never seems to work when I have feelings for my guy friends. I fell in love with my best guy friend years ago but I wasn’t his type that he wanted to be in a relationship with or marry. I am so confused. I know why I am in love with him but, now it doesn’t seem to be enough.


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