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Today was Joey’s mom and I’s second visit since he got transferred to DOC. It seemed to take forever to get visits approved but what a relief when I finally got word that we were approved.

We get one visit a week for two hours behind glass. He has to work his way through his phases to get to contact visits.

Our first visit was sooooooo amazing. He looked AMAZING, I could hardly contain myself.

The visitation area is super tiny, I think maybe 40 people can be in there at once (never that many as of yet, probably has to do with it being a Friday and most people work.

We walked through the doors after checking in, the C.O. wasn’t very clear with his directions. He said contact visits to the left and non-contact to the right. We went right and down the hall, on the side, they put the inmates into the cages they have to be in. The doors have the little trap doors.

We were looking for 8 which is where Joey was. We almost made it to 8 before we got caught and told we had gone the wrong way.

We made it to the glass side where we were supposed to be only to find the little trap door was open and he could have put his hands through and we could have touched him. We didn’t get in any trouble as it was our first time. The two hours seemed to stand still as we talked and laughed just like the old days.

GOSH, I miss him so damn much. I’ve fallen in love with him even more and I feel like this is really real now, we are actually a couple. We didn’t become one until after he got locked up and county visits have been nothing but video visitation, it was kinda like internet dating back in the 90s.

I was on a high for the whole next week that seemed to drag by.

Today was finally visit day again. His mom and I felt like pros this time.

This visit was a little more heart wrenching though, for one he was sick. He looked AWFUL, my poor love I just wanted to cuddle him and love him and make him feel better, next he had to PEE really really really bad so he was super uncomfortable. They wouldn’t take him out to go pee, the C.O. eluded to safety issues because of the families that were there. Blah, blah, blah.

Like the inmates that had contact visits couldn’t cause safety issues just as much as he could?

The inmates with contact visits walk around freely, while a little tiny girl romps around the visitation area? If they are so concerned why don’t they cuff him up and walk his butt to the bathroom and stand guard until he is done? It would take maybe two minutes??? What made it even worse is that the bathroom was right behind us so that’s all he could see.

The final thing that made this visit heart wrenching was the little tiny girl romping around the visitation area, she was super cute. His mom and him kept watching her. Mom would play with her when I was talking to him.

I know he wants to be a daddy REALLY badly and his mom wants to be a grandma. My heart hurts so much for both of them. I want to give this to them so badly but sadly this will never happen. Family visits aren’t an option in AZ and he is never getting out. Even if he does get out one day it won’t be in any time for us to have a baby.

We did our best to enjoy the visit, I hope he is feeling better. I won’t know until I get a letter or go to visit again next week.

I am still on a visit high regardless and can’t wait for next week!!


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