60 Days To Life

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Did anyone else watch 60 days in?

I’ve been watching the participants in the program being released from jail and seeing the joy and how much they appreciate their freedom. Today was a little harder because Maryum really seemed to be grateful. Whether the show was done for sensationalism as I suspected, it might have been from the beginning or it was a legit program to help improve the jail these people really went through. Or did they? I don’t know.

Tonight has evoked emotions in me. I can’t imagine in any way shape or form what going to jail is like.

Joey was locked up in county for almost three and a half years. He never saw the sunshine, the sky, breathed any outside air. He ate slop and drank water that looked like urine.

I remember him telling me that some dude came from another county jail and he was allowed to bring his store with him. This other county had coffee and soup on their store. I remember the phone call when he told me this. The dude traded with him so he could have coffee and soup. He was so excited, something so small to us was so huge to him. I was excited for him.

I can’t imagine how the time felt to him, it was close to three and a half years for me but I am sure it felt like an eternity to him. Then he was sentenced in October.

I remember reading his first letter to me after he got to prison. He said the transfer from county to prison wasn’t too bad, he rode on a bus, he got to see sunshine and listen to the radio if only briefly. He talked about the food that he ate. I imagine the worst school cafeteria or hospital possible and times it by 10 and that’s prison food, yet he was so grateful to be eating it rather than the stuff in county that they really shouldn’t even call food.

I have had time to adjust to the fact that he won’t be coming home, it was always a possibility from the beginning but how much time is enough to adjust?

I’ve said it time and time again Joey is a trooper, the stuff that this guy goes through and his ability to remain positive is amazing. He has kept me positive at times when I felt myself losing grip on our strand of hope.

It kills my soul daily and grinds my heart to dust to think that this man may never walk out of those doors. I pray to God daily, multiple times a day that he will come home to me


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