Published by: JoJo Matthews

A while back a new class started at work but I hadn’t met any of the new people really because I work mostly nights and for a bit as a new person you mainly work days.

One day I walk into work and one of the new girls decides she wants to be friendly with me. Since I am trying to work on being more friendly and helpful which will add to my positivity I didn’t blow her off like I normally do. After some brief conversation while working she comes up to me and asks me if my husband is in prison.

I respond with yes.

I’ve never lied about where he is, although some will argue that withholding information is the same as lying. However, for me, my life is only full disclosure to a select few people. Not everyone needs to know everything about me. I give out information on a need to know basis. However, if you directly ask me something then I will tell the truth. If you are vague, then I am vague as well unless you happen to fall into my inner circle.

I am actually shocked she approached me and asked me such a question as soon as she did, so I then needed to know where she got her information from. I wanted to know if it was from a place of genuine care or from gossip. There are people at work that know of my situation so it’s not like I can be all that shocked about it. I always say if you talk about anything, anything at all to anyone, then if it gets out to others it’s your own fault for talking about it anyway.

Turns out she was having a conversation with one of our kitchen managers about her husband and their situation. He mentioned there was another female that worked there in the same situation. She demanded to know who it was because she wanted to bond with her. Well, I was excited to possibly build a friendship with someone who can fully understand what I go through on a daily basis. I have sympathizers and empathizers but no one really gets me that is nearby. After working a few shifts with her to my dismay I have learned that she is not someone that I really want to associate with.

I was actually angry for a little bit because of her behavior. Her husband comes home in 2017 and she is acting like he isn’t ever coming home. Now I know I shouldn’t judge others, I am the first to preach it so I should live it.

Either she misrepresented herself and her situation to me or, she is really what I think she is, which is a cheater. I don’t know, all I know is I feel hurt and I am not entirely sure why. Maybe I just envisioned her to be like some of the wonderful women on here after she told me her story and we could be two strong amazing supportive women together.

Maybe I am envious that her man comes home in 2017 and I am angry because she can’t even act right with that short amount of time and I am over here doing all I can to act right. I remove myself from situations that can lead to actions that are inappropriate for a married woman even though my body craves it.

I am truly a Pisces, I don’t put a lot of stock in horoscopes but sometimes it just nails it on the head. Two fish swimming in opposite directions?? Yeah, that’s me.

My mind and heart never follow one another and it’s always a total surprise as to what will dominate each new day.


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