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The sad truth

Published by: JoJo Matthews
I follow Flikshop on Facebook. For anyone that doesn’t know what Flikshop is it’s an app that you can download on your phone. You can create a postcard for you loved one to be sent out by this company to your loved one. It’s kind of fun and cute and reasonably priced.

Anyway today Flikshop had an article talking about prison reform and how it only includes non violent crimes, but what about violent crimes?
It wasn’t a very informative article or I missed some place where I can learn more, anyway that’s where this blog is stemming from.

Prison reform is in the works all over the place, most are all about non violent offenders.
What is the real reason behind prison reform, because reducing the prison population is not a good answer. A large percentage of the prison population is considered violent offenders. What goes into classifying a person as a non violent offender isn’t as cut and dry as we think therefore our notion of what violent offender is inaccurate.

I think the whole approach to the way “corrections” goes about things is wrong.
Rehabilitation if there is any is minimal at best. Prisons are usually seriously understaffed and the staff is focused on keeping things running on the straight and narrow leaving no room for anything else. Most people don’t see a career in corrections as worth the time and effort and safety of themselves. The training programs for CO’s is rigid focusing on taming violence within that many people don’t make it through the training.
State prisons are seriously under funded so hiring anyone to focus strictly on rehabilitation programs is not likely.

Where the biggest mistake I think is made is during sentencing. The only thing that is looked at is the crime committed and whether or not the person has a past rap sheet.
All drug offenses are lumped into one, all of those that are convicted of or committed murder are lumped into one and sex crimes are lumped into one and therefore they usually suffer the same punishments and when they get to prison they are once again lumped into the same category based on their crimes. I am sure there a small nuances that make minimal differences. There should really be a more in depth look at a person as an individual.

A man that does a drive by shooting and kills several innocent people in the process is not the same person as a man that defends his family against an intruder resulting in death.
A young man that has a relationship with a young lady that didn’t tell the truth about her age goes to jail for statutory rape is not the same as a man the willingly looks at child pornography or willingly engages in inappropriate behavior with a child

A person that sells large quantities of drugs for several years is not the same as someone that is busted with an amount of drugs on their person just over the limit that causes it to be intent to distribute.
I could go on and on and on but the point is until everyone starts looking at the prison system differently and prisoners differently then reform and or rehabilitation will never really occur


2 thoughts on “The sad truth”

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. Renee says:

    You are very correct, I’m a wife of 16yr to lwop . The system needs an overhaul desperately, first with categorizing offenses ! they are all different in circumstances each offender and offense are individual with different situation they should be treated like that. Individuals do things for different reasons even if out come is same as someone else outcome like death, don’t treat each offense the same as the next. Not all offenders are gang members but get classified as one just by knowing a gang member that is wrong and it adds enhancement charges too . That needs to change!!!! Alot of the enhancement added to sentences are ridiculous and unjustified period. Yes I am married to a wonderful man who made bad decisions when he was 20 and has been incarcerated 16yrs now , he isn’t that same young man. He has so much remorse and will live with what he did , but that doesn’t define the man he has become . People do change and rehabilitate with the right mindset and guidance and the power of god the all mite . I will stand beside my husband through whatever life throws at us and hold it down out here believe that . We have a love and bond together that nothing will break it because we fell in love with each other though conversation deep ones and each others souls and hearts not because of looks or desperation of need to be loved . It was built with a foundation of trust loyalty integrity and deep real love. I would fall in love with him all over again in a heartbeat .. You have to know one thing about me I’m a ex law enforcement and yes I love a prison inmate. Would change anything if you paid me too…Everyone deserves a second chance if they prove them selfs and change for the better life ahead outside these wires and armed guards prison . Prison reform is desperately needed sooner then later.. These are human beings not animals show some compassion where earned..

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