Still waters run deep…

Deep and full of life. Consistency and stability allowing for a whole ecosystem to develop beneath. On the surface He’s calm and peaceful… Just sitting beside him allows a break from chaos while one takes in the simplicity of nature.

But still waters aren’t simple, not really. The first 5 feet of depth that, while not truly visible to the world, can be experienced, fun, cooling soothing and attractive. The deeper you travel, the colder, darker, and more mysterious your surroundings.

What dwells there, bigger, stealthier, and more dangerous than the happy, quick, silver beings we see from the shore. So many colors, depending on the hue given by the season or turn of the sun, keep onlookers fascinated. Some are pretty, some are warm, some are dark, some are foreboding, but all of him supports and sustains himself. No part less important, all working together to make one of natures more perfect creations… I know people like this.

Rain is renewal…

On any given day she comes from the sky in sheets. She hits the highest peaks first then makes a stream.  She travels the earth’s surface experiencing a multifaceted view of the terrain. The more crevices and obstacles she meets, the louder the brook becomes. Leading to a pleasant laughing sound.

This water moves quickly, experiencing much, growing stronger as she travels downward, while carrying life to thirsty things she encounters on her path. Though seeming shallow and safe, come a storm, everything in her path is in danger.  I know people like this too…

  He is strength and stability.

She is ever changing and always moving.

While they look so different, to each other and the world, they are made of the same thing. Though their paths and outlook at life are not the same, they rely on each other. She is busy, moving, laughing and dancing, over,  under, around and through everything she comes across during her daily travels… Yet she is always going to Him. What she brings is refreshing, refilling and prevents evaporation or stagnant growth.

She brings with her pieces of every place she’s been.

He gives her a place to rest.

-Melinda Hull


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