Yep…forever…for Life….a lifer’s wife

Published by: JoJo Matthews
She meant well I’m sure but nevertheless I was hurt, pieces of my heart stepped on again. I didn’t just hurt for me I hurt for you all as well. She said this wasn’t forever, or however she worded it .

Well for me, and other this is our forever.
I love my man unconditionally, I love him with all of my heart and soul,
I want to marry him. That means I give all of myself.

To him.
The thing with my relationship is we are both so young still, ok ok I’m pushing 36 but I certainly feel young.

All I can say is you have to find what works best for your relationship
And do that. We aren’t weaker than them if we slip up and have a night of
Fun with the girls or we decide to scamper off on an adventure. Our lives have to continue on, MUST continue on. I refuse to sit here and waste away because the love of my life is locked up forever .

I cannot be robbed of joy for the rest of my life that isn’t what life is about and that’s not what I was chosen for on this journey. I was chosen because I can bring joy to his world I can be a beacon of hope that not everything in his life is ugly, a thread to sanity.
He doesn’t want me to wallow, he doesn’t want pity all he wants is for me to be happy and Share it with him and not to forget him.


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